Walk in the Forest

Artist: Gellis, Jen
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by the City of North Vancouver


Modelled on a walk through the trails of the North Shore mountains, Walk in the Forest is a collection of playful cedar wildwood pieces, text, musical bongos and boulders intended to stimulate creative and active exploration. The text is inspired by a walk through the forest with children who attend the local Lonsdale Creek Daycare. The artwork provides opportunities for imaginary play and encourages children to interact while they crawl on the forest floor, dig, scamper, creep, forage, climb, run or hide. Together these elements bring the adventure of walking through the North Shore mountains to an accessible urban environment.




Rey Sargent Park 

Hand carved cedar and etched rocks.

About the artist:
Jen Gellis is a designer, artist and occupational therapist whose practice involves enabling creativity, social interaction and movement for children of all abilities. She resides in North Vancouver and can often be found exploring the North Shore mountains.