White Winds

Artist: Gladstone, Gerald
Category: Other
Status: Existing
Sponsor: British Columbia Development Corporation

This sculptural fountain represents sail forms that paint the wind on the Burrard Inlet. The sails lean into the wind admidst gentle 3" water fountain plumes. In 2001, tile mosaic was added to the fountain basin. The mosaic work was done through a youth employment project led by artist Bruce Walther. The plaza design around the fountain has the effect of ripples of waves created by alternating arcs of concrete and brick.  At night, the sculpture projects alternating colours of magenta, red, blue and white lights.


About the artist:
Born in Toronto in 1929, Gerald Gladstone was a prominent Canadian sculptor who left a legacy of public art works in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and other Canadian cities as well as notable pieces in public and private collections around the world.