Wilbur's Web

Artist: Storey, Alan
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by the City of North Vancouver

Digital / Light

Wilbur’s Web is a kinetic artwork consisting of a cross beam that straddles the North Vancouver City Library’s two interior light wells. Suspended from each end of the beam is a large custom built LED screen that moves up and down through the space. During the journey words and phrases are subtlety revealed on the screens. The art work suggests that the volume of space contained in the light wells is a virtual three dimensional library housing fixed objects, words, text, language and pictures not visible to the human eye.

"No, my webs were no miracle, Wilbur. I was only describing what I saw.
The miracle is you ...  I also made you a promise to save your life.
But, how?  With the right words you can change the world."

Charlotte to Wilbur, Charlotte’s Web – E.B.White


LED screens, reclaimed douglas fir cross beam, custom designed computer software and hardware. 

About the artist: