Sports & Recreation Travel Grants


As a token of recognition for dedication and effort put forth in the pursuit of excellence, Sports & Recreation Travel Grants provide financial support to individuals, teams or groups who have qualified to participate in significant out-of-province championship events.

NEW: Travel to championship events in cultural activities may also be considered.


Applications will be accepted throughout the year on an ongoing basis:

There is no scheduled deadline for submissions.  However, applications must be received prior to the championship event taking place.  In exceptional circumstances, where the interval between qualification and the subsequent championship competition is very short, applications may be received after the event has taken place.

Applications should be submitted digitally to:

Application Form & Guidelines

Sports & Recreation Travel Grants |  Application Form

Levels of Available Support

Funding is available up to $200 per individual or per team player and up to a maximum of $1,000 per team or group.

Who Can Apply?

Applications for a travel grant must be made by the organization through which the team or individual competes.  To qualify for funding the team or individual must:

  • have achieved local, regional or higher championship status, recognized by an authorized sport or recreation body
  • be advancing to a championship or finals competition at the Western Canadian, national or international level
  • consist of North Vancouver residents or be a North Vancouver resident, AND
  • demonstrate efforts to seek alternate funding, including self-financing, and provide a budget estimating travel and event participation costs

Team members or individuals who are not North Vancouver residents will not be eligible for a grant.

Grants Officer, Sports & Recreation Travel Grants

TEL: 604.983.6569