North Vancouver Consolidates Recreation and Culture

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North Vancouver, B.C.  ‐ The City and District of North Vancouver have finalized the consolidation of the Office of Cultural Affairs and North Vancouver Recreation Commission into the new North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission (NVRC).  The consolidation will bring together municipal cultural expertise under one organization, enhance arts and cultural programming and services in North Vancouver and achieve improvements and efficiencies in service delivery.

North Vancouver is one of Canada's most active, healthy, and creative communities and its residents value a healthy lifestyle achieved through recreation and culture.  This is evidenced by the more than three million visits to community recreation facilities each year, a strong public art program and thriving arts and cultural organizations, programs and events.

The North Vancouver Recreation Commission’s role on behalf of the City and District of North Vancouver has included the provision of recreation and arts programs, community events and the operation of Centennial Theatre. The Office of Cultural Affairs on behalf of the City and District of North Vancouver has managed public art and granting programs, assisted City and District departments in cultural planning, promoted arts and culture and provided support to many local arts organizations.

This consolidation comes after extensive review of the benefits and opportunities of merging the two operations.  The bylaws to establish the consolidation and change the name of the Commission were adopted by the City and District Councils on June 23, 2014. Doug Green, Chair of the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission says, “We see this as an exciting opportunity to strengthen arts and culture programs and services and enhance our work in promoting the health benefits of recreation and culture.”

The North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission looks forward to serving and working with the community in building healthy individuals, families and communities.


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