North Vancouver Tennis Centre serves up more long term health benefits

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North Vancouver, B.C. – The newly expanded and recently re‐named North Vancouver Tennis Centre is now serving up more court time and programs and that means more people are experiencing the health benefits of tennis.  The award‐winning and wheelchair accessible public Tennis Centre, operated by the North Vancouver Recreation Commission, has three new indoor courts bringing the total to nine.  It is one of the most active indoor tennis facilities in BC with over 800 people participating in registered programs, 700 people booking play time on courts and players ranging in age from 4 to 96 ‐ all benefiting from the health outcomes of playing tennis.

Tennis Canada recently shared the top 5 health benefits of tennis based on a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine*.  

Playing tennis regularly can decrease your risk of obesity. Studies have shown that tennis players consistently have below average body fat levels and significantly leaner bodies than non‐tennis playing contemporaries.

Tennis has positive effects on your cholesterol. Studies have shown that tennis players have higher good (HDL) cholesterol and lower (VLDL‐C) triglycerides. The correlation between playing tennis and having a healthier cholesterol level is strongest for players aged 40 and up, which is important given that people typically start to become concerned about their cholesterol levels later in life.

Tennis is also good for your heart and can increase your lifespan.  Many studies have found that those that play tennis have increased heart sizes, performance capacity and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Tennis is a low cost sport that you can play “for life” with many players still playing the game into their eighties and even nineties.

Tennis lowers the risk of osteoporosis. In many studies, bone mineral content (BMC), and bone density (BMD) are shown to consistently be greater in tennis players, lowering the risk of osteoporosis.

Northvanrec Tennis Programs

Tennis remains a popular sport that can be played at nearly any age and skill level.  The North Vancouver Tennis Centre has a great starter program for those who haven’t played before or want to re‐build their game. The program includes a free racquet and is centred around enjoyment and improvement. In addition to indoor programs and court time at the Tennis Centre, Northvanrec offers many outdoor summer camps for kids and outdoor children and adult “learn to play” tennis lessons.  For more information on the North Vancouver Tennis Centre and tennis programs, visit
* Health Benefits of Tennis (2007); (Babette M Pluim, J Bart Staal, Bonita L Marks, Stuart Miller, Dave Miley); British Journal of Sports Medicine.


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