Lynn Valley Crossing

Artist: Robbins, Philip & Kirsty
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: District North Vancouver Public Art

Functional, Sculpture

The shared driveway between Lynn Valley Elementary School and the North Vancouver Community History Centre, was selected as the ideal location to display the Lynn Valley Crossing metal banners.  The banners have been designed as a functioning wind-vale with a custom designed swivel mechanism that reduces wind resistance on the support pole, and allow both sides of the banners to move into prominent viewing position from the driveway.  

One side of the banners features images of familiar wildlife that inhabit the Lynn Valley (eagle, black bear, salmon, beaver).  The opposite side features historical references to the logging industry in the past century with images of tree stumps and log flumes.  Also seen in the banners is a street car, sparking memories of a transportation system that moved people from the Lower Lonsdale ferry system to the end of the line in Lynn Valley. 




3203 Institute Road, North Vancouver

Aluminum and Vinyl Film

Installation and wind-vale mechanizm fabricated by i.e. Creative.