public art, sculpture, North Van, Metz-Chewpublic art, sculpture, North Van, Metz-Chewpublic art, sculpture, North Van, Metz-Chew
Artist: Metz & Chew
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: City of North Vancouver


Out/look refers to the history and landscape of North Vancouver that was surveyed and settled within the last century and the wild forested landscape still present today. A bronze figure standing high atop a ceadar trunk marks the presence of Wagg Creek below the road. As the the viewer approaches the site and moves around it, the figure is silhouetted against the sky.  Looking far into the distance with a raven as her companion, the figure casts a mythical and contemplative over the area. This playful installation, both representational and abstracted by whimsy, evokes childhood stories, memories of nature, and a sense of myth.


Cedar log stripped of bark (20ft) + bronze figure (5ft)

About the Artists:
Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew are visual artists who started working collaboratively in 1997. Nancy's background is drawing, print-making, curating and teaching while Jacqueline's is photography, archeaology and literature. These disciplines, crafts and processes conflate to create an art practice that is conceptual and abstract yet uniquely grounded in place.