Our Canyon Friends

Artist: Anderson, Glen
Category: Civic
Status: Existing
Sponsor: District of North Vancouver

Integrated, Mosaic

A traffic calming project on Fromme Road in conjunction with the District of North Vancouver Engineering department, artist Glen Anderson created mosaic inserts depicting familiar Lynn Canyon wildlife. Locations include: 

  • 29th & Fromme Road - Salamander
  • Chaucer & Fromme Road - Salmon
  • Fredrick & Fromme Road - Snail



About the artist:
Glen Andersen is a Vancouver-based artist specializing in public and community art.  Over twenty years ago, by an accident of fate, he found himself dabbling in the ancient art of mosaic, which eventually became his primary medium. This happened at a time when Vancouver was initiating a bold and often innovative series of community-engaged art programs. All at once, there were many sanctioned venues for a publicly-engaged art practice in a range of media, both ephemeral and permanent. Through his practice, Glen hopes to stimulate a deeper understanding of the unique spirit of a place.