Windows on Lynnmour

Artist: Harwood, Oliver
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Brody Developments in partnership with the District of North Vancouver


Integrated into the front entrances of the Legacy town-home complex, this public art project features seventeen unique artworks each of which depicts the artist's interpretation of significant points of interest or natural beauty in the surrounding Lynnmour region. Accompanying the image is the name of the location and the associated GPS coordinates needed to find it.  The entire body or works creates an interpretive map of the area to encourage residents and the public to explore and learn.


About the Artist:
Born in Paksong, Laos, Oliver grew up between Laos, Thailand, South Africa and Canada. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in History at University of New Brunswick, he attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, graduating with a BFA in 1996.  Oliver received a scholarship to study in Italy where he lived and carved in the famous region of Carrara. He has completed both solo and collaborative public art sculptures in Shediac, New Brunswick, Kelowna and North Vancouver, BC. He continues to produce new bodies of work, addressing specific insights and exhibits regularly. His work is collected in Canada, Europe and USA. Oliver currently is based in Vancouver, BC.