Word to Your Motherland

Indigenous, Mural

The Word to Your Motherland mural is a unique cross-cultural artistic work that visually fuses hip-hop with the cultures of the participating artists’ individual motherlands, paying respect to the diverse roots of local residents and the cultural hybridity that enriches artistic practice and life within North Shore and Metro Vancouver communities. Under the auspices of Creativa International, the project was a collaboration between California based artists Nisha K. Sembi and Miguel “Bounce” Perez and local artists Corey Bulpitt and Take5, with support from residents of the North Shore Lookout Shelter and local youth, the Word to Your Motherland mural affirms the capacity of the arts to bring people together not only from different cultural backgrounds, but economic, international, and experiential backgrounds and to build bridges of respect and understanding.


Latex Paint on Concrete

About the Artists:
Creativa International is a registered not-for-profit organization founded in November 2012 with the aim to organize community events that expose audiences to diverse artistic forms and cultural expressions, serving to build intercultural understanding. 

Nisha K. Sembi www.nishasembi.com
Miguel "Bounce" Perez www.miguelbounceperez.com
Michael Fraser (Take5) www.facebook.com/take5lovesyou
Corey Bulpitt