Edgemont Murals (VMF 2021)

Artist: Various
Category: Other
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Vancouver Mural Festival - 2021


The Vancouver Mural Festival, in partnership with a wide range of community members, installed four murals in Edgemont Village in August 2021.

Accompanied By Wildlife
Cynthia Trans Vo
This mural makes a nod towards sustainability, exploring the ways in which we as active parts of the ecosystem must learn to not only coexist with, but equally support the surrounding wildlife.

Heron By Sea
Jessica Fortner
This mural explores the way in which we can fine connection through community and nature.  The artist notes that being new to a city can be a lonely experience, especially when socially isolated. “We find connection in things we love, whether that be art, nature, movement, etc. Our passions guide us in exploring new spaces, shaping future adventures and lasting friendships.

Coastal Range Reflected
Kari Kristensen
This contemporary Canadian landscape mural reflected in two colours, Prussian blue and white.  The blue is the perfect marriage of the sea and sky here in BC and the white brings to mind the crisp, cold mountain snow.  The artist chose Coastal Mountains for its familiarity running the entire coast of British Columbia to the Fraser River.


Taking Care of Animals
Siobhan Joseph (Squamish Nation)
With striking colour and bold design, this mural reflects the animal kingdom, the four legged mammals, the amphibians and reptiles and those with wings.



Painted Murals

Edgemont Village 
3060 Edgemont Blvd, North Vancouver, BC