Anetta S


Fitness Instructor

“I believe in the power of exercise to heal and strengthen both the mind and the body.”

No matter where you are in your fitness ability, with BCRPA certified fitness instructor Anetta Segato, you can discover and achieve your goals.  Her credentials include BCRPA certified Group Fitness Instructor and Aquatic Fitness Instructor, stroke rehab (land and aquatic), Jumpsport, Stability Ball, and Better Balance/Steady Feet certification. With her phenomenal experience and dedication to teaching, she is able to help people overcome some of the mental and physical hurdles faced when striving for optimal health and wellness. 

For over 3 years Anetta has been teaching fitness with NVRC and has specialized in muscle conditioning, core strength and fat burning. Her programs are currently running at Karen Magnussen and John Braithwaite Community Centres. 

The freedom of creativity allows her to “guide participants through fun-loving and effective programs using motivation and new exercises”. She hopes her programs will educate people on investing in physical health and mental well being and making it an essential part of their lives. 

What inspired you to work with NVRC and become an instructor?
I wanted to use my gifts to inspire and motive people by making classes fun and motivating.  I enjoy helping participants with increased strength and stamina in mind and body.

What do you enjoy about teaching?   
Making a difference and seeing lots of smiling faces.  The increased self confidence fitness offers  is also a bonus for me to see in my participants

What recreation and culture activities do you enjoy? 
I dog walk alot.  I love to cook and sometimes I make my own skin care products

What’s one of your favourite books, TV shows or movies?
Gotta say a good episode of Suits.  One of my favorite books ever is an old one titled 'Three Magic Words'

What’s your favourite food or meal?
A meal cooked with wholesome ingredients and made with heart