Lamina Aqua

Artist: Voyce, Bruce
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Adera in partnership with the City of North Vancouver


Public art can link the human environment with the natural while reflecting upon the history of both. Specifically this artwork links aspects of nearby Mosquito Creek with the Canadian Plywood Association building, an architectural landmark that once stood on the site.

Lamina Aqua explores the essence of wood and water through two concepts: laminations which are sequential patterns of layering that are found within the structure of plywood and laminar flow which is one of the basic characteristics of water movement, fluid flowing in smooth parallel layers.

Lamina Aqua is composed of stainless steel and laminated composites of polycarbonate that transform as light passes through the translucent material creating unique shapes and patterns. Both the form and the material evoke lamination and laminar flow through their shared characteristics of layered fluidity.


Stainless Steel and polycarbonate layers.


About the artist 

"By exploring the interface between nature and humanity, I am creating works that celebrate life. With public art I am pursuing the realization of the public imagination by changing a passing moment into something mysterious and beautiful. With public art the environment becomes a theatre, creating a world of possibilities and wonder ... Similar to poetry that celebrates life, art can create a new visual language to inspire and connect us."