Salmon House Post

Salmon House Post by Jody Broomfield
Artist: Broomfield, Jody
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Ledingham Macallister in partnership with the City of North Vancouver


This Salish salmon house post marks the entrance way to the City of North Vancouver. The four Salish heads on the house post represent the four species of salmon: sockeye, pink, coho and chum that return from the sea that has nourished them to the local rivers of their birth, to reproduce, die and begin the eternal cycle of creation.



About the Artist:
Jody Broomfield was born in North Vancouver and now resides on the traditional village of Xwemelch'stn (Homulchesan) in West Vancouver, BC.  A full time artist since 1999, Jody has observed and studied the Salish Art Form intensively. He employs many mediums, including wood, etched glass, metal and clothing, to create beautiful masks, panels, carved doors and house posts as well as an array of paintings, prints and jewellery.