Shimmer Time

Artist: Orr, Aliya
Category: Other
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by TransLink & the City of North Vancouver

Digital / Light, Sculpture

Marking the gateway into North Vancouver, Shimmer Time, a 90-metre sculptural light artwork uses holographic materials and programmed light sequences to conjure the fleeting feelings of watching light on water and its ever-changing dynamics. For SeaBus riders, this is an integral component of the journey and the seed of inspiration for the artist's work.

The artwork is comprised of a series of undulating metal panels that have been treated with a unique holographic material. When animated by a hidden set of lights the sculptural wall activates in a phenomenal play of light and movement. Running on a twelve-minute light sequence, the length of a SeaBus ride, the artwork draws its inspiration from the artist’s experiences watching the changing dynamics of the water while crossing Burrard Inlet on the SeaBus. 


Metal Panels with Digital Lighting

Lonsdale Quay Bus Exchange Loop

About the Artist

Aliya Orr is an artist living and working in Montreal. Her work explores altered states of consciousness, attempting to cross the boundaries of ordinary experience and to deepen the understanding of the complexities of the human experience. She works across a diverse range of media, including installations, performance, sculpture, print and video.