Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness by Katherine KerrStream of Consciousness by Katherine Kerr
Artist: Kerr, Katherine
Category: Civic
Sponsor: City of North Vancouver

In this public art work a bridge spans a small pond and stream becoming a metaphor for connections with the past and future and a reflection on the life cycle and remarkable journey salmon endure. The bridge was inspired by, and incorporates railway tracks and ties. Multiple bronze phrases relating to salmon, fishing and hatcheries are inset into the bridge floor.

Originally installed 2001 (refurbished in 2019)


Jack Loucks Court

Inlaid wood planks, river rock, water, metal, wood,.

About the Artist:
Katherine Kerr (A.O.C.A., BFA., B.Arch.) is a nationally and internationally awarded artist, designer and poet with backgrounds in the visual arts and architecture. In the past ten years Katherine has designed, fabricated and installed site integrated artworks in prominent interior and exterior public spaces.