Welcome Pole - Emergency Shelter

Artist: Yelton, Darren
Category: Community
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Lookout Emergency Shelter


Kayachten is the name of a 12-foot pole meaning "my arms are out to you". Located on the site of traditional First Nations Land, the work was created to convey the idea that all are welcome and to promote goodwill between the Squamish Nation and north shore community.


Western red cedar, natural preservatives and waxes

About the artist:
Darren Yelton is a Squamish Nation artist born in North Vancouver, BC in 1961. He began carving with his father and two brothers at the age of thirteen.  Darren's carving is inspired by the stories and myths of the West Coast Salish Community. His refined contemporary style has made his work much sought after by international collectors. He lives and teaches in North Vancouver.