Find out how NVRC volunteers inspire by example

Volunteer assists in fitness centre

This National Volunteer Week, learn how our volunteers are making a difference.

While we appreciate the contributions of our volunteers every week of the year, during National Volunteer Week (April 16-22), NVRC is recognizing and celebrating our incredible volunteers who do so much for our organization and for the people we serve. In 2022, 110 volunteers contributed over 5,500 hours to our programs, events and activities. Some areas they help with include swim and skating lessons, early years programs, rehab programs and specialty fitness classes, arts programs, sports, out-of-school programs, summer camps and community events.

NVRC staff see the impact of volunteers every day. A summer camp leader shares: “A volunteer can change a child’s experience in camp. Many of our volunteers have created a special bond with a little camper like this over the years.” They went on to add, “There are opportunities during a day of camp where a volunteer gives a child a little extra attention whether it's asking questions about what the child likes, sitting colouring with them, playing with toys on the floor or reading a book together. That's a gift from our volunteers to our campers to help make each day full of laughter, fun and memorable moments to share with their families.” 

Many of our summer camp volunteers come to us because they remember the difference a volunteer made for them and they want to have that same impact on a young camper. 

Summer camp volunteers at a splash park


Ryder volunteers in an art class. The instructor has been very appreciative of his contributions, and how he has helped both her and the class participants. She comments, “Having Ryder assist our class has meant I am more easily able to instruct the class as a whole. His excitement about clay and willingness to learn about student interests draws them into the lessons, and encourages them to express their ideas through the material.”

Volunteer helping in pottery class


Scott first began working with a NVRC volunteer in 2015 in the weight room. In 2020, he was matched with Andy to play basketball. While they took a break during the global pandemic, Scott and Andy picked up again in November 2022 and started shooting hoops together on a weekly basis. “When I first started playing basketball, I was using a regular-sized ball and was not having a lot of success,” says Scott. “Andy suggested I switch to a smaller one and it made a big difference – I’m now all over the court!” Both Scott and Andy look forward to their weekly court time. It’s a chance to connect, be active and have fun – something that can be infectious with Scott noting, “it shows on Andy’s face – if I’m happy, he’s happy!”

Volunteer plays basketball with patron


These are just a few examples, but for our volunteers and the participants who work with them, these positive interactions are commonplace. Individually and collectively, NVRC volunteers play an important role in helping people connect and lead more active, creative, healthy lives.

NVRC volunteers inspire by example through their kindness, generosity and dedication. We appreciate that they share their time and talents with us, and choose to give back to the community by volunteering with NVRC.

You’ll find a variety of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and interests at NVRC. It is a great way to meet new people, gain valuable work experience, develop skills and have fun. If you are looking to get involved in the community and have a positive and meaningful experience, consider volunteering with us! Learn more at