Health Management & Rehabilitation

Get Moving to Manage Your Health

North Vancouver Recreation & Culture can help get you back in motion - whether you're dealing with a chronic condition or recovering from an injury or surgery. We're here to help enhance your strength, stamina, circulation, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

You can find more information about each of our services by reading below:​

Health Management

Parkinson's Aquafit 

This program focuses on joing flexibility, muscular strength, endurance and mobility.  For more information, call 604-983-6557.

$2 Adapted Fitness

This pool based program consists of self-paced water exercises for people with mobility, coordination, strength and flexibility limitations due to disability, chronic illness or injury. For more information please call Michelle Jones at 604-983-6541

Cardiac and Special Health Conditions Management

Previously Cardiac Phase 3,4. This class is for participants with stable chronic health conditions that would benefit from physical activity to improve their quality of life. Our fitness professional will guide you through an individualized exercise program in our Fitness Centre.  At this time registration is only available for past Cardiac Rehab Phase 3,4 participants. For more information please call 604-983-6534.

Stroke Rehabilitation Program

This class is designed for anyone recovering from a Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA), frequent TIA's or head injury affecting mobility. Exercises focus on balance, strength, gross and fine motor skills. Participants must bring a care giver, if needed, to help with assistance in and out of the pool.  A physician's referral may be required. Phone 604-983-6557 for more detailed information.

Read our blog article Stroke Rehab: Changing Lives Through Water Therapy.

Listen to our Stroke Rehab Instructor Judy talk about how the classes change lives:

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