Ancestral Stones

public art, sculpture, North Vancouver, Indigenous,
Artist: Gallie, Jordan
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Polygon Cates Landing & District North Vancouver Developer Public Art Program


At each end of the waterfront path are two large boulders engraved with contemporary images honouring Tsleil-Waututh legends passed  down through oral history.  The western stone depicts Chief Waut-Salk with outstretched hand reminding the next generations to protect the sacred salmon.  The eastern stone  features  a man with a wolf, acknowledging its deep-rooted significance to the Tsleil-Waututh people, also known as the Wolf Clan.




Granite Boulder Engraved with Images 

About the artist

Jordan Gallie, a proud member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, was born in North Vancouver.  At a very early age, he was first intrigued by the First Nations Artwork displayed at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver.  By the time he reached high school, he was already creating tattoos and logo designs for friends and family. Jordan was the first aboriginal youth in Canada to successfully complete a six-month overseas program, where he painted and displayed a six foot Native Sun banner in Bolivia while volunteering with the Canada World Youth organization to help less fortunate children.  He has attended the Northwest Coast Jewelry Arts course at the Native Education College, after which his work was shown at the Bill Reid Gallery.    Jordan has created logos for various companies across B.C. and is the designer of the artwork in the Council Chambers of Vancouver City Hall.  He is also busy creating designs for clothing and multiple products. He draws inspiration from cultural legends passed down through many generations and knows he has found the right path that he will proudly walk on.