Arrival & Reflections

Arrival and Reflections public art, sculpture, North Vancouver public art, sculpture, North Vancouver public art, sculpture, North Vancouver
Artist: Hamilton, Cheryl & Vandermeer, Michael
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Adera in collaboration with the City of North Vancouver Public Art Program

Digital / Light, Fountain, Sculpture

Arrival & Reflection is a zero-material waste artwork.  These negative and positive tree sculptures were created using only four sheets of raw materials.  Arrival being created from the off-cuts of Reflections


About the artists:
Artists Cheryl Hamilton & Michael Vandermeer form the artistic collaboration that is ie: They believe that art can serve to inspire and provide a moment of celebration and community interaction when placed outside the gallery walls and into public space. Cheryl and Michael work with themes that involve nature and physics, combining their different backgrounds: art and science respectively. As artists that fabricate and install their own work, practicalities such as material choices, production schedules and production techniques are considered from the moment of an idea’s germination.