Lost Stream Found

Lost Stream Found, Jill Anholt
Artist: Jill Anholt
Category: Developer
Status: Existing

Digital / Light

Hundreds of streams once splashed unhindered through dense North Shore forests carrying water down the mountainside to the sea. Over the past decades, intense rural and urban development has left the majority of these waterways buried and effectively lost. Lost Stream Found celebrates the resurfacing of a hidden stream’s journey: rising out of a dry creek bed on the site and twisting and turning dynamically in the air before disappearing back below the surface. The artwork is simultaneously natural and man-made, tangible and ephemeral, offering an ever changing composition of form and materiality for viewers from every vantage point.


Laminated cedar, stainless steel, LED lighting

About the artist:
Jill Anholt is a visual artist based in Vancouver, B.C. who has been creating site specific works in the public realm since 1998. Anholt’s practice ranges from complex integrated works in parks, pedestrian walkways and transit stations to small scale installations in buildings and public plazas across North America. Her installations explore the relationship between nature and infrastructure, body and place; revealing layers of personal and cultural memory and experience. Environmental sustainability plays a generative role in the conceptual development, form and material expression of many of her works. Along with her art practice, Jill is an instructor at Emily Carr University in Vancouver.