public art, sculpture, Douglas Senft, North Vancouver public art, sculpture, Douglas Senft, North Vancouver
Artist: Senft, Douglas
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Citimark & Darwin Construction in partnership with the District of North Vancouver


The sculpture nest makes reference to the osprey's home and symbolically represents all nesting creatures within the Maplewood Flats. Inserted inside the top of the nest is a small stainless steel replica of one of the squatter's houses that existed on the Mud Flats until the early 1970's. This model connects the site and work with the recent historical past and creates another layer of meaning for the concept of home and place.


Fabricated stainless steel, round bar stock, galvanized steel pole

About the Artist:
Douglas Senft graduated with honours from the Vancouver School of Art in 1972. His work is in private and public collections, the City of Vancouver Municipal Collection, the Art Bank of Canada and the Washington State Arts Public Place Collection. After many years of designing and fabricating welded steel art furniture and architectural elements, he devoted the majority of his practice in recent years to the creation of public art projects. Mr. Senft lived and worked in Royston, BC.