Nebula Garden

Artist: Art.Site
Category: Developer
Status: Existing
Sponsor: Commissioned by Fairborne Homes in partnership with the City of North Vancouver Public Art Program

Digital / Light, Functional, Sculpture, Other

Nebula Garden is a series of formless liquid masses that shift and change with atmospheric conditions. The colours diffuse and move as they juxtapose in relationship to one another. Like music, this garden of the cosmos is always the same, yet constantly changing when reinterpreted by light and the passing seasons. Nebula Garden expresses the relationship between the cosmos and nature as a galactic-terrestrial garden.  The artwork as a whole is envisioned to create an emotional response of peace, wonder and celebration of the universe and the natural world.  Like frozen music, each panel will have its own distinct note. The hard edges of the urban cityscape are softened and muted by this flowing form.

Watch the video of artists Claudia Cuesta & Bill Baker discussing their public artwork Nebula Garden.


40 foot curved wall - 76” H X 1 1/8 “ thick, cast glass painted

About the artists:
Claudia Cuesta and Bill Baker of, specialize in the integration of art and architecture. Working with materials such as glass, steel, bronze, stone, aluminum, light, and water, they often re-use and adapt materials to work for each project. Their philosophy is to experiment in creating contemporary art that has a strong narrative and feels naturally integrated to its site.