Heywood Park Mural

Artist: den Daas, Ron
Category: Community
Status: Existing


This building serves both as a restroom facility for Heywood Park and as a salmon hatchery for the North Shore Streamkeepers.  The mural featured on the building walls, was created through a community art project that engaged local students in the creative process while they learned about the ecocsystem of a nearby salmon bearing creek.

The project held a series of workshops offered to local residents and students from surrounding schools to create ecosystem related motifs that were used to develop a mural designed to underline environmental conservation values surrounding the new hatchery facility.  Additionally students from the Artist’s for Kids Art Academy from local High School Carson Graham participated in the development and  execution of the mural through spring 2012. In all, several hundred community members including students participated in this project and hundreds more have participated in related events connected to the new hatchery.


Heywood Park

Latex Paint

About the artist:
Ron den Daas is a Canadian artist who studied art in Canada before completing a degree in painting at the Accademia di Belli Arti in Rome, Italy in 1986. His practice includes painting, sculptural installation, new media, film and curating, Many of his exhibitions have been in non-traditional venues, partnering with an innovative mix of organizations including academic, cultural and scientific institutions.