Waterfront/Lonsdale Quay

Walking Level

Enjoy beautiful harbour views and explore the many shops inside Lonsdale Quay.

City of North Vancouver
Lower Lonsdale
Trail Condition
Paved sidewalks and roadways
Nearest Intersection
Northern most point of Lillooet Road
Start location
John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West 1st Street
Walking distance
No dogs allowed,

Parking on street and at Quay, washrooms at community centre

  • Head east on 1st Street from John Braithwaite Community Centre to Lonsdale.
  • Turn right on Lonsdale and walk to bottom of street.
  • Turn left towards Lonsdale Quay pier.
  • Walk out on the pier for a spectacular harbour view.
  • Walk back along pier enjoying the view of the North Shore Mountains.
  • Turn left at the end of pier and follow sidewalk around to Carrie Cates Court.
  • Turn left and walk the short distance to the Lonsdale Quay entrance. Stay on the boardwalk that follows the waterfront.
  • Continue along waterfront, heading west. Stay on the path until you reach the Gateway to Ancient Wisdom arch that marks the entrance to the new Squamish Nation Waterfornt Greenway. Walk along the path to the marina office then turn around and walk back.
  • Turn left walking up to Esplanade Road.
  • Turn right on Esplanade to Chesterfield.
  • Turn left on Chesterfield to 1st Street.
  • Right on 1st Street back to John Braithwaite Community Centre.