Walk, Hike, Run

Bridgman Park to Firehall
Easy Distance: 3.6km
Bridgman Park to Morten Creek
Easy Distance: 4.1km
Cates Park
Easy Distance: 0.5-2km
Harbourview Park
Easy Distance: 1.6km
King's Mill Walk (Auto Mall)
Easy Distance: 1.8km
Lynn Valley Walk
Easy Distance: 3.0km
Panorama Park
Easy Distance: 1.8km
Rice Lake
Easy Distance: 2.5km
Seymour Valley Trailway
Easy Distance: 4.0km
Waterfront/Lonsdale Quay
Easy Distance: 3.1km
Fisherman's Trail
Moderate Distance: 3.4km
Hyannis to Wooden Foot Bridge
Moderate Distance: 2.7km
Seymour Golf Course
Moderate Distance: 4.6km
Mosquito Creek (lower)
Moderate Distance: 3.3km
Mosquito Creek (upper)
Moderate Distance: 4.2km
Green Necklace
Advanced Distance: 7.0km
Hastings Creek Loop
Advanced Distance: 3.0km
Norgate/Bowser Trail (with stairs)
Advanced Distance: 5.3km
Old Buck
Advanced Distance: 3.8km
Richard Juryn Trail
Advanced Distance: 6.9km
Walk, Hike, Run

Walking, Hiking & Running Programs

Walking and hiking are accessible, low cost fitness activities and we can help you get moving in the right direction with our Trail Trekkers program and our walking programs.

Interested in walking and hiking with others?  Connect with our Trail Trekkers weekly walks and hikes or view our list of local walking groups.

Walking Guide

North Vancouver Guide to Great Walks & Trails 

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned walker, we invite you to explore the wonders of walking! Our Get Walking! guide introduces you to 20 favourite North Vancouver walks through stunning forest trails, quaint neighbourhood crescents and magnificent urban parks. Work your way up from easy to moderate to advanced walks as you increase your fitness and stamina.

Featuring walking tips, photos, maps, ratings and step by step directions, this guide is all you need to start walking today.

Download a copy of the North Vancouver Guide to Walks & Trails (PDF 15.6MB).

You can also pick up a printed copy of the Get Walking Guide at any North Vancouver Community Recreation Centre.