Swim Instructor & Lifeguard, Tennis Instructor, Children's Program Instructor & Fitness Instructor

Whether you're interested in a career in recreation or just want to upgrade your skills, North Vancouver Recreation and Culture can help you get there.

We offer certification courses in:

  • Swimming Instruction & Lifeguarding:
  • Tennis Instructor Certification (Tennis Canada, Tennis BC)
  • High Five: Principles of Healthy Child Development 

Interested in becoming a certified Fitness Instructor?  We recognize a number of certifications including British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association (BCRPA) courses.  Visit their website for information.

Swim Instructor and Lifeguard Training

How to Become a Swim Instructor & Lifeguard with the NVRC

North Vancouver Recreation & Culture offers all the courses you need to qualify to teach swimming and be a lifeguard.  Both swim instruction and lifeguarding certifications are needed in order to be employed at our pools. 

All courses require 100% attendance. Withdrawals must be made at least 8 days before the start of a course to receive a full refund.  Many of these courses require re-certification - please see certification chart below.

Please Take the Following Courses in Order:

Lifesaving Certifications

  • Bronze Star (optional) - pre-requisite: 12yrs of age
  • Bronze Medallion - pre-requisite: 13yrs of age or Bronze Star
  • Bronze Cross - includes CPR 'C'. pre-requisite: Bronze Medallion

Lifeguard Certifications

  1. Standard First Aid (SFA) - includes CPR 'C - pre-requisite:  15yrs of age
  2. National Lifeguard Program (NLP) - pre-requisite: 16yrs of age, Bronze Cross and SFA

Instructor Certifications

  • Water Safety Instructor -  pre-requisite: 15yrs of age and Swim Stage 3 or equivalent
  • Swim Instructor Update with High Five - pre-requisite: Bronze Cross and WSI
  • Lifesaving Instructor (LSI) - pre-requisite: 16yrs of age and Bronze Cross


Certification Re-certification Required
Bronze Medallion No
Bronze Cross No
Standard First Aid OR Aquatic Emergency Care Every 3 years  or if you are employed as a lifeguard, every 2 years
CPR 'C' Certificate Every 3 years  or if you are employed as a lifeguard, every 1 year
NLP Pool Option Every second year

Learn more about careers in lifeguarding by visiting the Lifesaving Society website.

Swim Instructor

Certification Required

To Teach Re-certification Required
Lifesaving Instructor Canadian Swim Patrol
Bronze Star
Bronze Medallion
Bronze Cross
Every second year
Water Safety Instructor Red Cross Program Every second year
Swim Instructor Update School Age Learn to Swim Program Every year through professional development opportunities

Learn more about careers in swim instruction by visiting the Lifesaving Society and Red Cross websites.

To find out more about becoming a lifeguard or swim instructor, talk to the aquatic staff at one of the NVRC pools or contact Karen Schofield at 604-983-6447 or by email.

Certified Tennis Instructor

Become a Tennis Coach

Tennis Canada has a comprehensive Instructor Certification Program.

Tennis BC offers the first level of training for the Instructor certification. The Instructor Program only takes two weekends to complete, and certifies you to teach group lessons for level 1.0 to 2.5 players in a park/recreation department or as a seasonal club pro. You will learn how to implement pre-planned content and how to run cooperative drills on one to three courts.  For more information or to register, visit Tennis BC's website, call 604-737-3086.

Children's Program Instructor

Working with children in recreation is a rewarding and fun experience.  North Vancouver Recreation & Culture is always looking for enthusiastic and skilled children's instructors. 

Most children's program instructors gain experience volunteering with NVRC in programs and daycamps.  It is also recommended that candidates be certified in High Five and First Aid.