Camp at Karen Magnussen Pool

NVRC Camps

We believe camps are a fun, safe and meaningful way to spend the summer, school breaks and professional days.

Registration Dates

Registration for our full-day and part-day summer camps begins on Wednesday, May 18 at 7:00am. View our camps in our online registration system

To help your registration day go smoothly, read our Registration Tips.

Age Ranges

Age requirements for full-day camps are calculated as of the child’s age on Dec 31 in the current year, as NVRC follows the same system used by schools. This is designed so that children are in camps with their school grade peers. For example, children turning eight during that year will be in the same camp whether they were born in March or September. Age requirements for part-day camps are calculated as the child’s age at the course start date.

Full-Day Summer Camp Options

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of full day camp options for school age children. We have both facility based camps that meet at our centres and outdoor camps that meet outside. We even have a camp option for children who are out of school in the last week of June! Join us for a summer filled with adventure, games, friendship and exploration. 

June Full-Day Camp for 6-12yrs*

For children entering Grades 1-7
June 27-30
4-Day week $191.36
Course ID:      149454

Camp Harry Jerome
123 East 23rd St
Camp Format Facility-Based
Walking Trips Yes
Bus Trips** Yes

Full-Day Camps for 5-6yrs*

For children entering Grades K-1
5-Day Week $218.30
4-Day Week $174.64

  Camp Delbrook 
851 West Queens Rd
Camp Lynn Valley 
3590 Mountain H
Camp Ron Andrews 
931 Lytton St
Camp Format Facility-Based Facility-Based Facility-Based
Walking Trips Yes Yes Yes
**Bus Trips No No No
July 4-8 149293 149132 149991
July 11-15 149302 149133 149992
July 18-22 149305 149134 149993
Jul 25-29 149307 149137 149994
Aug 2-5 149308 149151 149996
Aug 8-12 149309 149152 149998
Aug 15-19 149310 149153 149999
Aug 22-26 149311 149154 150000
Aug 29-Sep 2 149313 149155 150001

Full-Day Camps 6-9yrs

For children entering Grades 1-4
5-Day Week $239.20
4-Day Week $191.36

  Camp Delbrook 
851 West Queens Rd
Camp Harry Jerome 
123 East 23rd St
Camp Karen Magnussen 
 2300 Kirkstone Rd
Camp Lions Gate 
1733 Lions Gate Ln
Camp Loutet Park South
Rufus Ave & 14th St
Camp Myrtle Park North 
Caledonia Ave & Cove Cliff Rd
Camp Format Facility-Based Facility-Based Outdoor & Facility-Based Facility-Based Outdoor Outdoor
Walking Trips Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
**Bus Trips Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
July 4-8 149316 148933 149615 149638 150256 149947
July 11-15 149317 149561 149957 149639 150257 149960
July 18-22 149318 149562 149958 150241 150258 149962
Jul 25-29 149319 149563 149959 150242 150259 149963
Aug 2-5 149320 149565 149961 150243 150260 149965
Aug 8-12 149321 149566 149964 150245 150261 149967
Aug 15-19 149322 149567 149966 150247 150262 149970
Aug 22-26 149325 149568 149968 150249 150263 149971
Aug 29-Sep 2 149326 149569 149606***
6-12 yrs
150251 x 149972

Full-Day Camps 9-12yrs*

For children entering Grades 4-7
M-F 8:45am-4:15pm
5-Day Week $239.20
4-Day Week $191.36

  Camp Harry Jerome 
123 East 23rd St
Camp Lynn Valley
Mountain Highway & Frederick Rd
Camp Loutet Park North 
Rufus Ave & 
17th St
Camp Myrtle Park South 
Caledonia Ave & Cove Cliff Rd
Camp Princess 
Princess Ave
Camp Format Facility-Based Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
Walking Trips Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
**Bus Trips Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
July 4-8 148955 149161 150264 149974 149329
July 11-15 149570 149262 150266 149976 149330
July 18-22 149573 149263 150267 149978 149331
Jul 25-29 149574 149264 150269 149979 149332
Aug 2-5 149575 149595 150270 149981 149333
Aug 8-12 149576 149596 150272 149982 149334
Aug 15-19 149577 149597 150273 149984 149335
Aug 22-26 149578 149599 150274 149985 149336
Aug 29-Sep 2 149580 x x 149987 149337

*Campers must be the age indicated by December 31, 2022.
**Bus trips are restricted to the North Shore only. 
*** Camp Karen Magnussen Outdoor is for 6-12yrs Aug 29-Sep 2 

Facility Based Camps
Campers start and end their day inside an NVRC facility. We spend time both indoors and outdoors!

Outdoor Camp
These camps are outside rain or shine. We will explore our local parks, trails and beaches! We may go inside for a swim or skate, but the majority of our activities are outdoors. In the case of extreme weather events, alternate plans will be made. 

Part-Day Summer Camp Options

NVRC offers part-day camps for preschoolers, school age children, and youth. Part-day summer camp opportunities include art, certification & leadership, learn & play, and sport. View our camps in our online registration system

The Camps Team

Our camp leaders are chosen for their experience, leadership and enthusiasm for working with kids. They are trained to make the camps safe, fun and inclusive.  Camp leaders are trained in first aid, child development, risk management and emergency preparedness. 

Camp Forms

Once you've chosen a camp, please be sure to complete and sign our Camp Parental Consent Form. The form is fillable and savable so that you can fill it out once, save a copy to your computer, then print a copy off for each week that your child is in a camp.

  1. Open the Camp Participant Package
  2. Fill in your personal information and sign electronically 
  3. Save the completed document to your hard drive
  4. Give the completed form to your camp leader on the first day of camp. Alternatively, full day camp participants will be provided an email address to submit an electronic copy in advance to camp.

Camps Inclusion

NVRC welcomes participants of all abilities to our camps. While we do not provide 1:1 or individualized support, we have inclusion spots available in some of our full day summer camp locations.  If your child would benefit from attending camp with a little extra supervision, you can apply for a week of inclusion support. View our Summer Support Application for more information and to apply.

Campers are also invited and encouraged to attend camp with their own private support worker. If your child will be attending with a support worker, please contact the camp location to inform the camp supervisor, or the access programmer at 604-983-6415. 

If your child has a disability or support consideration that you would like to discuss, you can call the facility directly or reach the Access Programmer at 604-983-6415. The Access Programmer specializes in disability and support services. For questions about our general camps and registrations, call 604-987-7529.