Camp at Karen Magnussen Pool

NVRC camps

We have camps that cover school breaks (spring, summer, winter) and professional days. Join us for adventure, games, friendship, fun and exploration. 

Age ranges

Age requirements for full-day camps are calculated as of the child’s age on Dec 31 in the current year, as NVRC follows the same system used by schools. This is designed so that children are in camps with their school grade peers. For example, children turning eight during that year will be in the same camp whether they were born in March or September. Age requirements for part-day camps are calculated as the child’s age at the course start date.

The camps team

Our camp leaders are chosen for their experience, leadership and enthusiasm for working with kids. They are trained to make the camps safe, fun and inclusive. Camp leaders are trained in first aid, child development, risk management and emergency preparedness. 

Camp forms

Camp forms can be completed online in your family account. View this video to learn how.

Camps inclusion

NVRC welcomes participants of all abilities to our camps. While we do not provide one-on-one or individualized support, we have inclusion spots available in some of our full-day summer camps. Visit our access services page if your child would benefit from attending camp with a little extra supervision.

Parents guide to camps

At NVRC we believe camps are a fun, safe and meaningful way to spend school breaks.  

The right camp experience can help foster your child’s development.  We promote values including respect, responsibility and honesty.  We help kids learn to get along with a new group of peers, ask for help from others, and take on manageable risks independently.  This approach creates resilient and confident kids, and we can all be proud of that!

NVRC is an experienced camp provider. With forty years of experience in the camp industry, we’ve learned the most important part of camp is the relationships children develop. 

Frequently asked questions

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions about our camp services to help you know what to expect during your child’s first week of camp.  We hope you find the information below helpful. If you still have questions, please contact one of our customer service reps or camp supervisors at 604-987-7529.  We are here to help!