The North Shore's Best Selection of Camps

We believe camps are a fun, safe and meaningful way to spend the summer, school breaks and professional days.

The right camp experience also fosters your child’s development. We promote character values including respect, responsibility and honesty. And we help kids learn to get along with a new group of peers, ask for help from others and take on manageable risks independently. This creates resilient and confident kids and we can all be proud of that! Find programs

The full range of camps can be found in our Fall/Winter Leisure Guide available at our Community Recreation Centres.  This include all our full-day camps and all our part-day camps plus camp support information and volunteering.

The Camps Team

Our camp leaders are chosen for their experience, leadership and enthusiasm for working with kids. They are trained to make the camps safe, fun and inclusive.  Camp leaders are trained in first aid, child development, risk management and emergency preparedness.  Meet some of our Leaders.

Daycamp Forms

Once you've chosen a daycamp, please be sure to complete and sign our Daycamp Parental Consent Form. The form is fillable and savable so that you can fill it out once, save a copy to your computer, then print a copy off for each week that your child is in a daycamp.

  • Open the Daycamp Parental Consent Form 
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Save the completed document to your hard drive
  • Print the form and sign it in all 3 places
  • Give the completed form to the camp leader before dropping your child off for their first day of camp.

Camp Support

North Vancouver Recreation and Culture summer camps welcome children with disabilities. Limited support options are available (see more information below).

Early Years Camps

North Vancouver Recreation & Culture has a great selection of play-based part-day camps and activities for preschoolers, designed to enhance your child's healthy development. View programs

Kids just want to have fun! In an encouraging atmosphere, our creative camp instructors use art, music, science and recreation activities for positive play adventures. Having fun and making new friends is the name of the game at our day camps.

School Age Camps

Join in the adventure and fun with a NVRC daycamp. There are 9 different weeks of full day summer camps with over 50 different themes and skill based programs to choose from.  We also offer a variety of part-day camps.

NVRC has everything you need to keep the kids happy...

Kids just want to have fun, and they should. They learn and grow through Play. Creative arts, the challenge of games, sports and outdoor activities, opportunities for self-expression and exploration are vital to their development. The value of Play to a child’s growth is the foundation of all our camp programs. View programs

Youth Camps

Looking for a great experience this summer? Choose from a variety of part-day camps, full day camps or even a week long overnight camp.

Learning new skills and developing talents are important parts of self-esteem and a positive self-image, especially for teens growing up in a challenging and changing world. Whether the teens in your family are building on certain abilities or discovering new ones, NVRC is committed to providing young people with a creative and encouraging environment. View programs.

Camp Support

North Vancouver Recreation and Culture (NVRC) summer camps welcome children with disabilities. Limited support options are available.

Does your child need some extra help at Camp?

NVRC camps welcome children with disabilities. Please make us aware of any disabilities or behavioural needs that may affect your child/youth's participation.

To assist parents, three free Camp Support options may be available, on a first come, first served basis. Parents can apply to receive support for a maximum of one (1) week of full-day camp. To be eligible your child must:

  • Receive three or more hours per week of SEA support during the school year
  • Be 5 years of age or older
  • Be attending one week of school aged or youth full-day camp

1. NVRC Camp Support Leader

Funded by the City and District of North Vancouver, and a grant from Canada Summer Jobs, the NVRC Camp Support Leader is a post-secondary student with experience working with people with disabilities. Personal care or specialized support is not provided. Available to work with one (1) child/youth per week. Please complete the Summer Support Application and e-mail it to or drop it off in person at Harry Jerome Recreation Centre.

For additional information email us.

2. North Shore ConneXions Society Support

NVRC, North Shore ConneXions Society and the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) have partnered to support children/youth with developmental disabilities attending NVRC summer camps. North Shore ConneXions' Inclusion Workers are available to work with one (1) child/youth per week who meet the MCFD eligibility criteria. Personal care is not provided. Please use the application form above.  Families are only required to submit one application for both the NVRC and North Shore Connexions Society support worker programs.  

For additional information email us.

3. Volunteer Support

NVRC 'Buddies' are between the ages of 14-16 years and do not have specialized training. They are intended to provide minimal or light 1:1 support, assisting the child in the same manner as a friend would in school. Please make an appointment with Meh Najak, NVRC Volunteer Resources Programmer, before the June 19, 2016 deadline, 604-983-6345 or email.

Please note volunteer support is not guaranteed but is based upon volunteer interest and availability.

More Information

While our goal is inclusive participation, we cannot provide day camp support to all children/youth that require it. NVRC full day camps are active, take public transportation, go for long walks and interact in busy public settings. If a child requires more support than our current ratios are able to provide then our day camp Programmer 2’s reserve the right to request a private aide. If required, it is the parent’s responsibility to arrange for and provide the aide. All private aide’s require a current Criminal Records Check to be submitted by email or givent to the facility Programmer 2 before the camp week begins.

Please note we cannot guarantee support. Support is based on the resources available and on a first come first serve basis.

Professional Day Camps

Have the day off school? Come and enjoy a full day of fun and entertaining activities including swimming, skating, sports, games and arts.

Have Fun Out of School

Whether mom and dad are at work or not, why sit around at home when you have a chance to experience one of our full day or part day camps for those District Wide Professional Days. Get that babysitting certificate that you always wanted, learn a new skill or spend the day meeting new friends. View programs


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