Camp at Karen Magnussen Pool

NVRC Camps

We believe camps are a fun, safe and meaningful way to spend the summer, school breaks and professional days.

The right camp experience also fosters your child’s development. We promote character values including respect, responsibility and honesty. And we help kids learn to get along with a new group of peers, ask for help from others and take on manageable risks independently. This creates resilient and confident kids and we can all be proud of that! Find programs

This summer, we have adjusted our camp offerings. Adhering to the directives of local and provincial health authorities, we are offering outdoor camps for children ages 6-12yrs  in four local parks . We will also offer an indoor camp for children aged 5-6yrs. We have made a number of adjustments to our services in response to Covid-19. Read more about NVRC’s COVID-19 health and safety measures.

Registration for Summer Camps

Registration for our summer camps begins on Wednesday, May 19 at 9am. Our camps will be available to view online in starting Monday, May 3.

The Camps Team

Our camp leaders are chosen for their experience, leadership and enthusiasm for working with kids. They are trained to make the camps safe, fun and inclusive.  Camp leaders are trained in first aid, child development, risk management and emergency preparedness. 

Age Ranges

Age requirements for camps are calculated as of the child’s age on Dec 31 in the current year, as NVRC follows the same system used by schools. This is designed so that children are in camps with their school grade peers. For example, children turning nine during that year will be in the same camp whether they were born in March or September.

Camp Forms

Once you've chosen a camp, please be sure to complete and sign our Camp Parental Consent Form. The form is fillable and savable so that you can fill it out once, save a copy to your computer, then print a copy off for each week that your child is in a camp.

  1. Open the 2020 Camp Parental  & Emergency Consent Form 
  2. Fill in your personal information
  3. Save the completed document to your hard drive
  4. Print the form and sign it in all 3 places & fill in both informed consent documents
  5. Give the completed form to the camp leader before dropping your child off for their first day of camp

Camp Support

NVRC welcomes participants of all abilities to our camps. While we do not provide 1:1 support or individualized support and interventions, campers are invited and encouraged to attend with their own private support worker. If your child has support considerations that you would like to share / discuss, we are happy to connect with you!  For specific camps please contact the camp supervisor at that location.  For general inquiries contact 604.983.6415. Please note:  to ensure compliance with covid safety requirements, support workers need to be registered for camps (no charge).  To register a support worker please contact us at 604.987.7529 or call one of our facilities directly.