Sandpiper Preschool

Children in the playground

Lynn Valley Recreation Centre
3590 Mountain Highway


At Sandpiper Preschool we believe children learn best through play. Play in a safe nurturing environment gives children the confidence and independence to take risks and not worry about making a mistake.

We use play based activities not to replace intentional teaching but to enhance it. Each child is unique and at different stages of development. We believe that play allows for these differences and enhances their cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.


Registration for the 2021/2022 school year is ongoing. Please call 604-983-6550 to register. Registration for the 2022/2023 school year begins online at 9am on Saturday, February 12. Children registering in the 3 year old program must be toilet trained and be 3 years old by December 31, 2022. 

View the Sandpiper Preschool Parents Handbook.

Our Teachers

Jackie Smiley

Jackie has been at Sandpiper Preschool for the past 3 years. She loves being part of this great Sandpiper Team. She received her ECE diploma from Langara College and has worked in both a daycare and preschool settings. Her personal preschool philosophy is that children learn best through play. Allowing children to explore and play in a safe fun environment is one of the best experiences for young children. At Sandpiper Preschool, Jackie, Jan and Daksha provide multiple opportunities for the children to grow in all areas of development. They love to see the children's growth from when they started at Sandpiper, to the day they graduate, and are ready for kindergarten. She believes that the growth and development of each child is individual to that child and not one child is the same. At preschool, the children are able to explore, get messy and have fun! Jackie grew up in North Vancouver and currently lives here with her husband and three children.

Jan McCallum

Jan McCallum's 15 years of experience working for NVRC has led her to a position as the third member of the Lonsdale Preschool team. Pre-preschool programs, 7 years and counting at Sandpiper Preschool and more recently 2 years with Lonsdale comprise the past decade of her life. Just like most North Vancouver natives, Jan takes pride in where she is from by appreciating what her city has to offer, such as enjoying camping, hiking and swimming in her spare time! The time she gets to spend with her 3 grown children is also a vital part of her life. For Jan, nurturing children's curiosity and creating a warm, safe, loving environment is something extremely important to her. She adores her classroom work where she can teach in a play based setting to promote learning through play. Circle time is Jan's specialty and she has plenty of fun using various props to engage her students, such as felt board stories. Her creativity is utilized when planning daily activities, especially when she gets to prepare the felt stories, crafts and games herself.

Daksha Raniga

Daksha Raniga studied NNEB (ECE) in Nottingham, UK. She is a mother of three: an eighteen year old, fourteen year old, and an eight year old. She has been teaching with us for over 4 years. Daksha believes that the preschool must be fun, educational, and engaging. Daksha loves not only the way she can inspire and teach children, but also the way that they too can teach her. The Sandpiper program is based on play. Not to mention that basic life skills can be taught through activity, as learning is happening all the time. Therefore, her goal is to make the Sandpiper program safe, positive, and nurturing as each child is unique with different interests, backgrounds and development stages. Outside of her preschool she enjoys hiking, yoga, and cooking.

Schedule & Fees

For inquiries please contact the Recreation Programmer at 604-983-6553

Sandpiper Preschool Schedule

Age Days Time 2021 / 2022
Monthly Fees
2022 / 2023
Monthly Fees
3 years M / W 12:30 - 3:00pm   $130
3 years Tu / Th 9:00 - 11:30am $131 $139.25
4 years M / W / F 9:00 - 11:30am $189.25 $195
4 years Tu / Th / F 12:30 - 3:00pm $196.50 $204.25
Refunds & Withdrawals

We require written notice before the first of the month, one month prior to withdrawal from the program. Failure to give the appropriate  amount of notice will result in being charged for an additional month. Withdrawals are not permitted for the months of December, March, May and June. A one time non-refundable admin fee of $25 is applied at the time of registration. 

Should you withdraw and then re-register your child for preschool, you will be charged an additional admin fee at the time of re-registration. There is no penalty or additional admin fee for transferring your child to a different class at the same preschool. NVRC licensed preschool refund and withdrawal policy applies to students leaving one NVRC preschool and registering at another NVRC preschool location.